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Corporate executives can now learn how to improve your online sales - guaranteed or your money back.


The issue is not internet marketing training but about how to increase your sales and lead generation in the fastest and most effective way. Think of us as a partner who is fully accountable and committed to your online success.

How Can We Guarantee Results?

Very few internet marketing coaches can make this no risk offer. Most internet consultants by our estimate have billed less than $10,000 in their career. Many strategists have no formal business education and only know how to simply set up basic channels such as social media marketing.

All coaching is done by our principle Kristoffer D Koonar who has made a successful living for over 14 years from online businesses only. He has a proven track record consulting with companies with up to 9 figures in annual revenue. In addition to providing services to companies, he runs many of his own online business selling products and advertising. Kristoffer's own companies have had up to 45 employees. He is an expert on management, process design, and delegation.

His educational background includes a Executive M.B.A, Graduate Degree In Management, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Internet Marketing. This is important as he understands corporate culture and objectives. Kristoffer is an executive himself who will quickly develop a rapport and team mentality within your organization.

The wrong advice is expensive! Not all coaches are equal and Internet Marketing is never cookie cutter. Our custom coaching is based on your organizational objectives and will fit in with your custom SWOT analysis.

Have No Time For Internet Marketing Coaching?

Executives are extremely busy to begin with. If you have no time, then you are a better candidate for our services. We will show you how to automate and delegate your internet marketing initiatives using the M.B.A (Management By Absence) method. Within the second month you will see measurable results - guaranteed.

"General Electric will only be number one or two in each industry." - Jack Welch, CEO of the Century.
Note that at the time G.E had over 350 business units so he could only
dedicate one day per business unit per year.

The Internet Marketing Business Plan

The Internet Marketing Business Plan is the first step and it is the most imperative. Not only will this give your company a plan, it also aligns the staff to a common goal. Please note, this is for one single business website. If you have more than one website, then a separate business will be needed for that business / website.

The internet marketing planning process involves a series of phone calls and emails. It is highly advised that you involve the stakeholders. Any business plan is only as good as the people behind it and their thoughts. Involving the stakeholders also gives a sense of ownership and makes it easier to implement the changes when the Internet Marketing Training begins. Time to completion is 2-4 weeks.

The final plan will include the following:



Current Marketing Situation
SWOT Analysis
SMART Objectives
Unique Selling Proposition/ Competitive Advantage
Most Wanted Response

Action Programs (Some possibilities)

A/B and Multi-variable Website Testing
Pay Per Click
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Lead Generation And Follow Up CRM
Hiring Qualified Staff

Implementation Controls
Marketing Synopsis

The cost of the business plan is $3500.00 USD

Results Based Internet Marketing Training Program

After the business plan is complete we schedule 4 phone calls (one each week) per month up to one hour each. These calls may be to one individual in your organization or a conference call with your employees who are involved in your internet marketing initiatives. The topic discussion is based on your custom business plan and organizational objectives. Also, we review the results of the previous week's actions. After the call, we email you a synopsis of the week's action plans. This includes techniques to delegate and motivation your organization's staff. Remember, we have two goals. The first is to increase your online objectives. The second is to save you time. If need be, we are also available by email if you need a follow up to your weekly coaching.

Monthly Coaching Is $2500.00 USD Per Month. Remember, we guarantee results or you get 100% of your money back.1

Unfortunately, because we guarantee measurable results, we only work with select clients. As an internet marketing coach, it is more important to avoid the bad clients versus getting new clients.

The first step is a no cost phone call discovery meeting. We need to know if we can actually help you. More importantly, it is imperative we honestly calculate if we can help you or not. Again, avoiding companies we cannot help is the most important factor for us.

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Before you contact us, please carefully read some of our new client basic criteria. You must answer yes to all these questions before we schedule our discovery call.

All these factors are non negotiable:

I. You must have a website already generating sales and or leads.
II. At least one decision maker of the business must be involved.
III. You must be spending (or committed to spending) a minimum of $2000 a month on pay-per-click.
IV. You must be able to dedicate a minimum of 2 hours per week.
V. You are committed to a minimum of two months of Internet Marketing Training.
VI. You commit to implementing actions (if in two weeks you do not implement any changes, we end the coaching relationship and give you a full refund).

Ready for success based coaching?

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1 Money back guarantee only applies to the monthly coaching and not the business plan.

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